Thursday, September 6, 2007

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Faces of Joy, Songs of Triumph

The August 31 performance will remain as an unforgettable memory for all those who have participated. For over three months, a group of SGM volunteers came together selflessly to be part of a grand show to celebrate the country's 50th merdeka. If nothing else, their passion, hardwork and sacrifice embody their hope, aspiration and love for Malaysia.
"Love for one's home is the driving force for kosen-rufu in the local community." - SGI President Ikeda
The responsibility for the creation of a better future and a better society does not simply rest in the hands of the government. The destiny of a nation is ultimately be decided by the common people - their ideals, hopes and conviction. The drivers of nation building will no doubt be courageous young people who hold the people's welfare and happiness dear in their hearts.
"The presence of people who brim with conviction and hope serves to illuminate those around them with the light of courage. That is the essential mission of Buddhists." - SGI President Ikeda
The show is over, but our mission has just begun. For this significant performance to have true value in the long run, we must ensure that the flames of our passion is never extinguished. Like a gush of flowing water, we must continue...

Yes, we have won! Sensei, this is for you!

The celebration party began long before the performers headed back to their base camp @ stadium negara (for another round of celebrations).

This performer was overwhelmed by emotions...

A group of passionate youth chasing our photographer!

Brothers forever!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
The radiant faces of our performers say it all.

Woah! Up you go!

Embracing one another in victory.

Charlie has three angels, but Chin Yen...

Like him, we will look back to this night with great satisfaction, knowing that we were part of a historic endeavour in the annals of SGM kosen-rufu.

One more time please, for posterity's sake!

Farewell to other performers too!

Goodbye! See you again next year?

This must be the happiest mob ever.

A heroes' welcome! As our performers return to Stadium negara, they were surprised to be given a small flower - celebrating their success!

The Power Flower gals

It was a truly emotional moment for this young lady.
Our cameraman managed to capture her next few moments...

Ok, I think I am ready to smile.

Oh no....sob, sob... i can't control my tears!

Brother, I love you!

Don't look at me. I am just a shoulder to cry on!

Thank you Sensei!
President Ikeda treated everyone to Ice-cream!

Alright, I know I am not as pretty as those girls, but I am beautiful just as I am. Haven't you guys heard of cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms?

"You are simply the best!" General Director, Mr Choo praising the performers after the show.

CMBO is taking the opportunity to sing his favourite karaoke song.